250 Bushel Creep/Self Feeder

Herd Size: 76-90

Feeding Area: 32 Feet

The 250BU portable feeder is the smallest of our 16′ chassis line. This feeder is ideal for operators looking for a size increase over the 150BU. However, since the 8′ chassis feeders are used more in creep feeding applications, the 250BU are normally sold without creep pens. The 250BU feeder comes equipped with double axles, heavy tongues and offers the lowest price point in its class.

Product Specifications

Empty Weight Capacity Volume Outside Dimensions Creep Pens
2360 lbs. 12,000 lbs. / 5.5 tons 270 ft³ 236″ x 93.5″ x 81″ Optional
Note: Capacity is based on shelled corn (45 lb/ft³)

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