Portable and Stationary Bulk Bins w/ Augers

Portable Bulk Bin with Augers

3 Ton Portable Bulk Bin w/ Auger

Our 3 Ton Bulk Bin with Augers were designed to optimize time and efficiency by keeping feed fresh and reducing waste, our portable bulk bin with optional auger is the perfect solution for transferring feed rations to troughs, cube/cake feeders and/or creep feeders. This unit has a 3 ton capacity, 3/4 HP 12 volt motor, 4″ auger with 600 RPM, keyless remote, and a 12′ folding auger to ensure optimum mobility. These features makes this unit capable of unloading 3 ton of feed in under 12 minutes. This fully enclosed system, made of 100% galvanized steel, distributes feed accurately and economically all from the comfort of your truck.

Stationary Bulk Bin with Augers

5 Ton Stationary Bulk Bin w/ Augers

Available as Stationary Only

Our stationary bulk bin unit with optional auger is excellent for loading out of our bulk bin and directly into our portable cattle feeders, cube/cake feeders or simply a feed bucket. With both 3 and 5 ton capacities, herd size and minimum bulk deliveries are no longer a concern. This powerful unit features a 3/4 HP 110 volt motor, 4″ auger with 600 RPM and a 12′ long auger. Made of 100% galvanized steel, our optional auger offered on the stationary bulk bin is designed to work as hard as you do.

Product Specifications

Type Empty Weight Capacity Volume Outside Dimensions
3 Ton Portable 1500 lbs. 6000 lbs. / 3 tons 145 ft³ 143″ x 96″ x 98″
5 Ton Stationary 1300 lbs. 10,000 lbs. /  5 tons 227 ft³ 72 x 78″ x 120″
Note: Capacity is based on shelled corn (45 lb/ft³)

Auger Specifications

Fit Type Motor Type Auger Type Wiring Diagram Keyless Controls
3 Ton Portable 3/4 HP 12 volt motor 12′ Folding Auger YES YES
5 Ton Stationary 3/4 HP 110 volt motor 12′ Long Auger NO NO
Note: Download the wiring diagram by clicking the “YES” link.

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