Cube/Cake Feeders – Trucks

For the price, our cube/cake feeders are the most durable on the market. Made of 12 gauge steel, you never have to worry about damaging the box with a hydraulic bale bed. The ¾ HP motor is stronger than most and matches up to a 4″ auger driven by a #40 roller chain. All cube/cake feeders come standard with a wireless remote and secondary push button on the side of the feeder. Our unique lever action door eliminates feed spillage and waste. Pound for pound, you won’t find a better cube/cake feeder for the money.

Cube/Cake Feeders – UTV

The UTV cube/cake feeder has most of the features of the truck version, only in a smaller package. Side sheets are made of 16 gauge steel with 12 gauge end panels. A ¼ HP motor provides more than enough power to run the 4″ chain driven auger. Total loaded weight is under the typical bed capacity of 1000 lbs.

Product Specifications

Capacity Empty Weight Volume Outside Dimensions Best Suited For
550 lbs. / 0.275 ton 200 lbs. 15 ft³ 44″ x 40″ x 24″ Any Modern Model UTV
1100 lbs. / 0.55 ton 440 lbs. 26 ft³ 74.5″ x 30.5″ x 46″ Std axle flatbed 1/2 ton
1300 lbs. / 0.65 ton 500 lbs. 31 ft³ 86.5″ x 30.5″ x 46″ Dual axle flatbed 3/4 ton
1800 lbs. / 0.9 ton 600 lbs. 41 ft³ 74.5″ x 30.5″ x 54″ Std axle flatbed 3/4 ton
2100 lbs. / 1.05 ton 650 lbs. 49 ft³ 86.5″ x 30.5″ x 54″ Dual axle flatbed 1 ton
Note: Capacity is based on shelled corn (45 lb/ft³)

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