Our Product Line

4′ Mini

Perfect for 4H bucket calves or herds up to 5-10 calves. This stationary feeder cannot be beat in price or quality.

6′ Mini

An excellent choice for the smaller operator or cattlemen that prefer to bag feed. This stationary feeder cannot be beat in price or quality.


Our 90BU is the smallest in our line of portable feeders, but provides the same feeding space as the 125BU and 150BU.


The 125BU portable feeder is similar in size to the 150BU, only at a lower price point. This feeder is very popular.


Our 150BU is consistently the top selling portable feeder we offer. In fact, its one of our top products across all product lines.


The 250BU portable feeder is the smallest of our 16′ chassis line. This feeder is ideal for operators looking for a size increase over the 150BU.


Similar to the 250BU, the 300BU feeders are normally sold without creep pens and are best suited for high volume feeding applications.

Bison Feeder

Our portable bison feeder is the largest feeder we build. Sitting on our 16′ chassis, this monster brings a capacity just over 9.5 ton.

Cube/Cake Feeders

For the price, our cube/cake feeders are the most durable on the market. Made of 12 gauge steel, you never have to worry about damaging the box with a hydraulic bale bed. Our unique lever action door eliminates feed spillage and waste.

1.5 Ton Bulk Bin

Made from 12 gauge sheet metal, the 1.5 ton bulk bin is one of the heaviest on the market. Special features include a full 6′ roll away top door, poly carbonate sight window, and easy to use dispensing mechanism.

3 Ton Bulk Bin

The 3 ton bulk bin is built for capacity, durability, and stability. Holding 3 tons of feed requires a sturdy base. Our bin is set on a 6’x 6.5′ base to ensure stability, especially while roading. The framing is made from 1/4″ stock.

5 Ton Bulk Bin

Our 5 ton bin has all the same features as the smaller stationary bins we offer, but with tons more capacity. This bin is perfect for bulk feed deliveries to an on site location. This unit is a low cost/high volume solution.

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