Frequently Asked Questions


Can I order directly through the manufacturer?

We are a wholesale manufacturer, meaning we typically only sell product to dealers.
However, we are more than happy to assist you with finding your nearest dealer.

Can I order a stationary feeder instead of a portable?

We do make stationary feeders with the option of skids or pegs in place of axles and wheels.

Can I get a ball hitch on a portable instead of a pin hitch?

Yes.  However, a ball hitch would be considered a custom order with a small up charge.

Can I order replacement parts for my feeder or bulk bin?

Yes, we offer various replacement parts.

Can I just order the creep gates?

Yes, simply contact us or your nearest dealer and we will gladly assist you.

Does the portable bulk bin have lights?

Our bulk bins currently do not have lights.

Our suggestion is to purchase magnetic lights should the need present itself.

Are the bulk bins highway safe?

Yes, the bulk bins are highway safe.  Our recommendation is to limit the loaded speed to 45 MPH.

Can I fill my creep feeder with the creep pens up?

Yes, there are 2 different positions that the creep pens can be locked into while in the upright.
One position is for transportation, and the other is for filling.

Can I convert my old feeder to utilize new creep gates?

Yes, we offer a conversion kit to make the new creep pens fit the older
model feeders.

Is the tongue attached to the axle?

Yes, the tongue is attached to the axle.

Can you assist me with the size of feeder I need?

Yes.  If you are unable to determine what feeder best suits your needs, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Are my creep gates supposed to touch the ground?

No, the creep pens are made to sit just above ground level which prevents the gates from becoming stuck in frozen ground.  There are two height positions, however.  Simply remove the four bolts on the front panel and adjust to your desired height.

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