150 Bushel Self Feeder

Herd Size: 46-75

Feeding Area: 16 Feet

Our 150BU is consistently the top selling portable creep feeder we offer. In fact, its one of our top products across all product lines.  With near 4 ton capacity, this feeder excels in regions where 3 ton minimum bulk deliveries are required. Like the 90BU and 125BU, the 150BU is built on our 8′ chassis yet offers the most capacity in its class.  This feeder is best suited for feeder cattle,  yearling heifers or creep feeding larger herds.  Many cattlemen prefer the 150BU over our 16′ models as two 150BU feeders are easier to move, and can be split between two pastures.

Product Specifications

Empty Weight Capacity Volume Dimensions Creep Pens
1660 lbs.  7650 lbs. 170 ft³ 134.5″ x 93.5″ x 87″ Optional
Note: Capacity is based on shelled corn (45 lb/ft³)

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